The subsequent image processing

  • Standard postproduction

    Selected images will be reworked according to your wishes and suitable for the desired resolution on request. The intensity of this post-processing naturally depends on your personal predilections. Basic post-processing procedures include e.g. the correct trimming, a tonal value and gradation adjustment as well as an adapted sharpening for the output medium.

  • Beauty Retouche

    Beauty retouching is often a delicate issue in post-production. Many people will probably have the completely exaggerated edits on many photo portals in their minds, which look unnatural and don't leave much of the original picture.

    We prefer detailed work and moderate adjustments that preserve the original impression.

    Beauty retouching includes the removal of skin impurities, the gentle smoothing of skin and wrinkles, an even colour adjustment of the face colour, but also the subtle whitening of teeth and eyes, as well as the appropriate adjustment of body shapes.

    Here we take special consideration of the wishes of our customers in order to achieve a high degree of satisfaction. Beauty retouching is a matter of taste - that's why we have to talk about your ideas beforehand.

  • Isolating objects

    Particularly in product photography, exempted objects are often desired. The objects can be set up against new backgrounds and presented accordingly.

    We create object clipping on the basis of vector paths. This way flexible modifications are possible at any time, even later

  • Compositions

    Creating an image from various individual photographic components requires skill. Important for such "composites" is of course high-quality source material. Talk to us about your wishes and we will consider together how a good and suitable solution for your ideas and wishes could look like.

  • Background design

    In particular, products need a background for the appropriate external effect, which fits the product theme, modern "look & feel" but also the company CI (Corporate Identity). We design the suitable background for your product, your logo and your public image.

  • Format conversion

    As a service we offer image format conversion from and to common formats. On request with standard post-processing. This also includes adjustments of an RGB based image for print reproduction (CMYK). Just ask for a quote.

  • Processing of old photos

    Processing and restoration of old, damaged or historical photos.

Retouche1 Postproduction Before
Retouche2a Postproduction After



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